About Us

Legacy Collections was founded by Dawah power couple  Ustadh Jalal ibn Sa’eed Mohabbat and Momtahena Jaigirdar

Who We Are?

Pioneers of the 1Eid Project  and   Al Fitrah Academy they have committed themselves whole heartedly towards making Eid great again and breaking down the barriers that hinder Muslims towards developing a deeper relationship with Allah.

These projects are driven and funded by donations and committed volunteers, but it’s not enough. Projects such as the 1Eid  require substantial capital investment and as generous as our community is, there’s so much more we need to do.

Legacy Collections serves as a means to fund these projects. Every penny earned is donated towards expanding our Dawah and making Eid bigger than Christmas!

Our Legacy Gift Box

The best investment we can make is towards our Akhirah. Legacy Quran is not just a gift set or an easy to ready Quran. Its a means to leave behind Saddaqah Jariah so that when we do leave this temporary world, our children or grandchildren can pick up the manuscripts we left behind as a guide and contact between us.

Our Mission

To encourage and influence non Arab speaking Muslims to engage in understanding the words of Allah and inspire families to build a lasting relationship with the book of Allah.

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