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Many of us struggle to create or maintain a relationship with the words of Allah in our daily lives Allah say [This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.} [Quran 38:29]. Quran journaling is a great way to cultivate that relationship .

Pages come with summary, goal setting, quiz and scholary qoutes to make this your daily companion. 240 pages Hard back cover with gold foil edges.

“Knowledge is that which benefits not that which is memorised”

Iman Shafi’

The aim of this journal was to aid in learning and understanding of the Quran and to do so as a family.For years many of us read the Quran without understanding a single word.

Hours and hours has been spent making sure this journal serves its purpose and not just look beautiful. There are hadiths, quotes for knowledge and inspiration. There is a space for you to write your thoughts and ideas as a family, a quiz to test your knowledge. But my favourite a checklist to help you create goals and plans as a family.

I love this journal I think you will understand why when you see it. I cant wait to use this with my children.

Sometimes we try to carry the load ourselves , We bottle it up inside ourselves and try to deal with any situation *on our own*… And THAT is the biggest mistake most of us do. Because the truth is, the cure to every wound, the strength for every stress…It all lies with Allah swt, our Rabb. And when we leave it there, ease is ours.

That is the remedy- To every heart break, To every illness, To every disease of the heart and the body, Physical and emotional. Relying on our Rabb for the cure and not on our self.

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